What kind of irrigation systems are offered by Polymex-Sofia?


Polymex-Sofia offers professional drip irrigation systems. They are suitable for linear crops, open fields and greenhouses, nurseries, potted and hydroponic plants. All our products are easy to use. They are effective, universal, reliable and well-priced pricing. Most of them are patented.



Since when Polymex-Sofia installs irrigation systems!


Our company installs irrigation systems since 1993. We are the company of proven best experience in study, design, delivery, installation and maintenance of highly effective irrigation systems.



What information on products can Polymex-Sofia provide?


Polymex-Sofia provides complete technical information for the installation of irrigation systems in English and Bulgarian language. The technical manual for the Eurodrip drip irrigation is in Bulgarian language.
Samples of all products can be delivered on client’s request.



How Polymex-Sofia sells products and services?


Polymex-Sofia sells products and services in two ways:

The first is small farmers orientated. It also serves those, who ant to experiment on small scale. Retail shops work for them.
The second way of selling products and services targets major clients. They can approach our well-trained distributors, who provide complete expertise in the design and supply of more complicated projects.

A considerable part of customers are served in the company main office. Our experts provide local supply and service, visiting sites all over Bulgaria.

The company maintains two warehouses in Sofia and Plovdiv and in 2-3 days we are able to comply with client’s request even in hard farming time.